Indices are weighted index of the top shares on a particular exchange, like the US30 (Dow Jones 30) and the New York Stock Exchange. With an PlatinFX account you can trade a wide range of global indices with no overnight financing costs and low margin requirements. Take advantage of our tight spreads on the UK 100, US 30, US 500, DE 30 and more.

Basic information:

  • Trade on over 20 major indices
  • Leverage Up to 1:500
  • Advanced technical indicators

Why trade Indices with PlatinFX?

Trade on over 20 major indices

We cover indices from most the popular exchanges around the world. As an attractive alternative for diversifying your investment portfolio, positions on indices are rolled over as the underlying contract expires in order to maintain the open position. You can profit from falling indices as well as rising ones, so there are trading opportunities happening all the time.

Leverage Up to 1:500

The leverage we offer on indices is much better than most exchanges on future contracts. This means that you can gain a much larger exposure for a smaller initial deposit, freeing up your funds for additional positions.

Deep liquidity

We are currently using a number of renowned liquidity providers. This allows us to offer you the best possible prices, execution and market depth. Even high volume trades can be executed with the lowest possible slippage, thanks to our advanced market solutions.

No requites

Because of our ultra-fast execution and price feeds, there are no requotes when trading with us whatsoever. Your order will always be executed at the requested price - instant orders, every time.

Tight spreads

Go long or short on the UK 100 (FTSE), DE 30 (DAX) and US 30 (Dow Jones) and many more indices with some of the lowest spreads available and free from commission for basic and standard accounts.

Guaranteed stop loss, free of charge

As part of our basic account, we offer you guaranteed stop losses with fixed spreads. We guarantee that your stop losses will be executed at the price you requested, free of charge - even in times of significant slippage.

Trade your way - choose an account to suit your trading style
  • Mini: suited for beginners who are at the start of their trading journeys. Enjoy fixed spreads, no additional commission and guaranteed stop losses. Trades are executed instantly, and leverage starts from 1:500 on FX instruments. Mini lots trading is also available, with simple functionality that allows you to focus on shaping your skills and placing your first trades.
  • Standard: for the more experienced traders. Instruments are quoted at market prices with floating spreads, and spreads are tighter during more active hours. Trades are executed instantly, and leverage also starts from 1:500.
  • ECN: for the most sophisticated investors. Market spreads are pure and every trade is charged an additional commission. You can benefit from interbank pricing from the FX market with this account.